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⁣⁣⁣Learn How to Pray the Tabernacle Prayer by David Yonggi Cho - Pt 7 - Holy of Holies & the A

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⁣⁣⁣⁣Learn How to Pray the Tabernacle Prayer by David Yonggi Cho - Pt 7 - Holy of Holies & the Ark of the Covenant

Website for Tabernacle Prayer: http://Tabernacle-prayer.com
Dr. Cho Bookstore: http://tabernacle-prayer.com/d....r-david-yonggi-cho-b Tabernacle Prayer Video: http://youtu.be/cpAUjNmuRzg
Interested in Prayer - how to pray? http://dereks-store.hostedbyam....azon.com/Lessons-Pra

This video is Part two of the six part Tabernacle or Temple Prayer model (www.templeprayer.com) that Pastor Cho has used as his devotional prayer for over 50 years. Nobody can argue with the unparalleled success of the ministry of the Lord through Dr. Cho. From a handful of praying saints to a church of 1 million with 50,000 elders and hundreds of other churches planted all over the globe.

Miracles and healings have been a regular occurance in cell groups for decades. Pastor Cho even had the opportunity to pray for one of his sons who had died from food poisoning and saw him raised from the dead. Their businessmen's fellowship funds most of the overseas ministries and includes thousands of businessmen who have become faithful men of God as well as financially successful by practicing Dr. Cho biblical prayer and meditation techniques.

Like all ministers who have extraordinary success, Dr. Cho has his critics, but they pale in comparison to unmatched fruitfulness of the hundreds of thousands of disciples and Christian work done through the Yoido Full Gospel Church of Seoul, South Korea founded by this man, David Yonggi Cho..

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