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Are you developing a cold feet as a minister? This story by Pastor (Dr.) W.F Kumuyi will motivate you.

You can also become a gospel minister with signs and wonders following. Your ministry shall change for good in Jesus name.

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Lessons I’ve learned after 51 years walking with Jesus..

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The Movie Enoch is the Biopic about Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of RCCG.

Produced by Solid Rock Foundation and Mount Zion Films.

God bless you as you watch !

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We are an interdenominational and non-denominational international Ministry to the body of Christ with the mandate of restoring the apostolic order and Christianity as was seen in the days of the first generation of apostles of Jesus Christ, and thereby heralding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in this end of the age.

We seek only to see the coming of the King and His Kingdom until His reality is furnished in the hearts of the sons of men. Our major instruments of realizing this vision are Prayers, the Study of the Word, and Breaking of Bread with one another.


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The blood still speaks!

There is a storyline that God has been weaving before the foundation of the world that includes you. In this powerful message by Ev. Nathan, we are taken on a journey through the generations. As you will experience, we have the privilege to walk in the power and the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ! The blood cries out for this generation! May we be faithful to walk out our destiny.-Connect with us today!

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In our recent Gospel Campaign in the nation of El Salvador a young man with a broken foot was healed!

We give all glory and praise to Jesus Christ for this incredible testimony!-Connect with us today!

-#shakethenations #healing #testimony #gospelcampaign

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Are you someone who loves God with a passion, or have you become lukewarm? Maybe you’re like the Church of Laodicea who felt they had enough resources and didn’t need God.

You are neither hot nor cold; you are lukewarm. God says He will spew you out of his mouth. He knows your works.

Are you honoring the Lord, or simply self-serving?

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⁣This is the MESSAGE - by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Can you really love your neighbour effectively when you don't even love yourself?

Join in the conversation as we get personal on our struggles with SELF-LOATHING.

How did we end up there? How do we get to the coveted state of SELF-LOVE?

#selfloathing #bullying #bodyshaming #comparison #personalitytypes #therealview

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When you think about the kind of people God is after, who comes to mind? The sinless, the picture-perfect, those who've got it all together...? Who really?

Find out on this episode of The Real View.

Archer Jordan. THE WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY. YouTube. Jordan Archer, Apr 6, 2013,


New Creation Church. HEALING OF THE LEPER ANIMATION VIDEO. YouTube. New Creation Church,
Apr 16, 2020,

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What's it like to have a personal relationship with God... The benefits? ...How to?

Join us as we have a chat about this from our view... and then God's view.

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Archbishop Duncan Williams speaks on The Matured Man in comparison to The Gifted Man

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A police officer's battle with alcoholism, depression, and devastating loss; and the true story of how God changed his life forever.

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You weren’t created to barely get by in life. God not only wants to meet your needs, He wants to exceed them.🛎

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Dr. Stanley talks about how we respond to the divine attribute of holiness. All of God’s laws, principles, and actions are derived from this essential characteristic. Pursuing holiness will direct our choices toward obedience, and our hearts toward praising the Lord.

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⁣This is "How To Glorify God." Whatever we do, it must be for the glory of God and not for ourselves. Satan fell because he wanted the credit for his works and did not give God the glory. He will exalt you in due time, but it must never be about your power, fame, or reward.

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⁣God's Great Grace Is Working In Your Greatest Weakness!

Be blessed! — Team JP

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Thank you for joining World Changers Nation for Service! We are helping people Understand Grace and Empowering them to Change through teaching the word with simplicity and understanding.

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If you’re called, you’re equipped.In “Finding Strength In What’s Missing,” we’re reminded that in the areas where we feel weak, God is strong.This is an excerpt from "Making Peace With Missing Pieces."

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Do you trust how God works, or do you worship your opinion? Many of us think we know how to handle most situations, but what happens when we encounter uncertainty?

That’s when we must rely on God’s answers to guide us —even when we don’t fully understand. Trust that God will show you the solution in a way that will make sense, and have faith that He will take care of His children!Subscribe to the official T.D. Jakes Ministries channel to stream our latest messages, your favorite sermons from over the years, and much more.

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Speaker: Bishop T.D Jakes

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